Monday, September 14, 2015

"Hero" Theme

Initially I was not very excited about the theme that was chosen for this school year - Heroes. I felt that everyone would focus on super heroes and not on the everyday heroes like policemen, firemen, or, for that matter, total strangers! Even our own students can be and are heroes; they often just aren't recognized as a hero because they fail to have a cape and/or have a t.v. show or movie as their stage.

Since I am very involved in school spirit, I felt it was my job to ensure that students recognized the different heroes that they don't usually speak of, including themselves. Given that I also have regular contact with the students throughout the school, where they come to me when in conflict or other difficulties, I decided to make my room the "headquarters" for this theme. I also used an acronym for the word HERO - Helpful, Enthusiastic, Respectful, and Organized, messages that I'm constantly reminding them of.

Bristol boards were used to create the city.
The acronym for HERO is very visible for the kids to see!
The completion! I've had many compliments on the design and educational message.

I'm hoping that the students use the message and not only recognize the many heroes that are in our school, but the hero that is within each of them!

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